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b2d Marketing was designed not just with the client in mind, but by the mind of the client. A dentist, to be precise: Dr. Michael Silverman, founder and chairman of b2d Marketing, first stepped outside the realm of private practice to design a series of nationally-recognized continuing education courses—the success of which was due, in no small part, to distinct, effective promotion that could only be envisioned by an actual dentist. After years of runaway equipment, course and membership sales, it only seemed right to give the skills hiding behind the curtain a name: b2d Marketing. Business to doctor. Enter the salespeople, marketers, internet marketing consultants, financial controllers and more. Enter the 45 bustling people from various realms of expertise who continually appease their lengthening list of grateful clients. b2d Marketing, now located in vibrant downtown Seattle, continues to rapidly grow—for one reason, and for one reason only: We know what your prospects want. And we deliver.

Dr. Michael Silverman, DMD, FICD

Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Dr. Michael Silverman is an anomaly possessing rare insight into the relationship between the dentist and the dental industry, having personally worked on both sides of the equation.

As a practicing dentist in the 1990s, Dr. Silverman began studying sedation protocols in order to assist a largely overlooked population: people with an acute fear of the dentist. These treatment options proved invaluable.

To help make sedation dentistry more accessible to everyone, Dr. Silverman founded DOCS Education in 1999—a continuing education and membership organization focused on safe, effective sedation dentistry. Though successful, the company's true potential could not be met from word-of-mouth alone. DOCS Education needed measured, insightful marketing to leap to the next level.

And leap they did: DOCS Education, under the guidance of Dr. Silverman and others, would go on to provide tens of thousands of dentists across North America with the ability to safely and effectively treat millions of fearful patients with sedation dentistry.

Despite the runaway success, Dr. Silverman was not one to truncate his ambitions: In 2001 he founded RAMP, a dental advertising agency serving dentists in North America. Five years later, he created b2d Marketing—a company that connects medical and dental innovators with practitioners who needed their services.

To achieve its goals, b2d Marketing works with businesses that are seeking exponential changes and are willing to upset the status quo. As the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of b2d Marketing, Dr. Silverman remains dedicated to promoting the success of dentists, doctors and industry innovators. Recently, Dr. Silverman was honored to be named Fellow of the International College of Dentists.

Above all, Dr. Silverman is a dedicated family man. He spends most of his time between his Seattle office and his relaxing retreat in beautiful Hope, Idaho.

Mike Meehan


Mike Meehan knows what's required for large-scale growth and success—and especially, how to make it happen. As President of b2d Marketing, he heads up a team that delivers value-added services to its clients.

His 30 years of executive experience throughout manufacturing and service sectors are heightened by ten years focused in the dental sector, during which he worked with Private Equity groups and supported a variety of company transactions and experiences.

Beginning in 2005, he assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer for LVI Global, where he served to support its business expansion. Meehan's next endeavor was as Chief Operating Officer for Six Month Smiles—which meant moving from the desert to the snow belt of New York. Meehan helped guide the company and its team through a tremendous growth period and the successful sale of the business over a six year period.

Meehan joins b2d Marketing as the company expands into new and developing segments of the dental industry. He identifies the most promising clients from within the industry and provides them the tools to thrive. "These are most certainly exciting times and I couldn't think of a better place to be," he says.

He is the father of three—a son and twin daughters—and recently became a grand-pop with the birth of his first grandson.

The B2D Team

Carrie EastonMarketing Manager

Aaron PingEvent Manager

Mary Brook DelanoSales Manager

Coni FadiganCustomer Service Manager

John BittingRegulatory Support